In my experience branding is not the first thing you will think about when embarking on a career as a photographer. You will most likey have spent many years perfecting your craft. Looking at your business as a ‘brand’ may not have been something you will have considered up until now… 

The point at which you make the decision to invest in youself as a ‘brand’ is when you realise the quality of your work has a different value to the images you were shooting when you first started. Your current ‘logo’ is not going to enable your business to grow and it is not saying anything about you as a creative professional. You know your strengths and the type of clients you want to attract and you will be looking to focus on the finer details of your business in order that you can deliver the whole package. Clients care about how your work is presented to them, they will be attracted by your website, therefore it is important that you make a connection with them as soon as they connect with you online. The graphic representation of your business is incredibly important. 

This is the process of branding and how it has the power to influence potential clients to chose you over the next photographer…

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